Philip North by Andie
Phillip (Phil) North





Hair Color


Eye Color



Human, lost Witch


Poppy North-sister Mr. North-Father

First Apperance

Secret Vampire

Phil is a character in The Night World series. He is Poppy's twin brother, who at the end, turns out to be a person of the Night World, a 'lost witch.' He keeps the secret of Poppy being dead, while she goes to live with her real father who turns out to be a 'lost witch,' too.

The end of the story is in fact a mystery because the most likely questions would be " What type of Night World people do James, Poppy, and her father encounter? And what will happen to Phil, if not anything at all? When do they join the Circle Daybreak?" All these questions are acceptable because this is the first book of the Night World series, and you do see Poppy and James in Circle Daybreak in soulmate, along with the rest of the characters.

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