The seventh book in The Vampire Diaries series, and the third in The Return trilogy. [Vol. 3] Publication Date 2011.

Dear Diary,Edit

I don't know what to do. Matt is in prison. Damon has taken Bonnie to the Dark Dimension. And Meredith...of all people, Meredith turns out to have more secrets than all of us combined. How could I not have guessed so much about her? All Stefan and I can do is hold each other and pray. The end is coming soon...and I'm afraid.

--Elena (back of the book)


Damon and Elena finally rescue Stefan from the Dark Dimension. But what happens when Damon accidentally takes Stefan's 'humanity?' Damon returns to the Dark Dimension, but ends up dragging Bonnie, too. Stefan and Elena hurry to rescue their friend, leaving Meredith and Matt behind to save their hometown--with a little help from Mrs. Flowers. But Matt and Meredith soon discover the truth that the source of evil is darker -and closer- than they imagined.Edit

front cover- Madame le Princess Jessalyn D'Aubigne/Guardian